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Stress Therapy

Supporting women who are stressed, overwhelmed, and feeling unappreciated and lonely


Are you having a hard time trying to figure things out? Are you constantly worried about the
kids, work, bills, your relationship? Maybe you’re struggling with life transitions and can’t
decide what to do? You’re losing sleep because your mind can’t settle and you feel exhausted.
Life just isn’t what you thought it would be.  

Your relationship has suffered. Your friends no longer call you to hang out, so your social life
is practically nonexistent. The guilt you feel as a mom is one of your biggest burdens, so you
try to compensate by giving the kids whatever they want and buying things to keep them
happy, because you don’t have the time or energy to give them you. You hate your job, but you
don’t have the time or energy to find another one. You’re stressed out, overwhelmed, and
feeling the pressure of being everything for everybody.

You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired

You want to be able to manage stress and life in general without feeling overwhelmed.
Therapy with us can help you acknowledge your strength, identify your stressors, create
solutions, and make immediate changes. You will increase your self-confidence, build your
self-esteem, and improve your relationships. You will learn how to be comfortable in the skin
you’re in without making decisions to please others while playing second fiddle to everyone
else’s needs.  
We specialize in helping women make themselves a priority without feeling guilt and self-
doubt. We validate you and teach you how to validate yourself, so you can see beyond today’s
hardships into the future of a life that you desire.

Stress Therapy can help you:

Our approach to Stress Therapy is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

This approach encourages you to embrace your thoughts and feelings rather than fighting or
feeling guilty for them. The goal of ACT is to increase your ability to enter the present moment
more fully and either change or persist in behavior when doing so serves valued ends. ACT
helps you commit to facing the problem head-on rather than avoiding your stressors.  
We use this approach to help you commit to fully embracing the moment and make the
changes necessary to see your desired outcome. Instead of allowing daily stressors to
overwhelm you, we teach you how to identify and assess the problem, explore solutions, and
implement the most efficient strategy to resolve the issue at hand.

The change you want to see in your life is possible. Together, let’s rediscover the strength and courage you have to start living, not just existing.

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About Stress Therapy 

The duration of therapy depends on you and your goals. We will provide honest, realistic feedback based on how you are progressing and it can be discussed at any time during the therapeutic process.

During the therapy process, you will receive therapeutic homework that may require you to write or process, identify, explore, etc. to help you dig deeper and stay focused on your goals when you’re not sitting in a therapy session.

You will FEEL a difference! Your mind will become more and more clear. You will feel confident making decisions without hesitation. You will know which coping strategies to use in any given situation. You will be able to dismiss others; opinions about you and focus on what makes you happy. Those are some things you will notice as you progress, but ultimately you will have to decide when you are feeling less stressed.

Online Counseling for women in VA, NC, and FL to help them navigate challenges with stress, relationships, or identifying as LGBTQIA who no longer want to feel overwhelmed and unappreciated and want to learn how to make themselves a priority through courage, self-love, and acceptance.