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Counseling for Relationships

Relationship Therapy for Women online in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida

Helping women who feel stuck in their relationship find peace or find the strength to leave.

Are you unsure whether you want your relationship to work or if it’s best to just end it?

You’re tired of feeling unappreciated, unloved, and undervalued in your relationship. There is no intimacy and affection anymore. You wonder if your significant other is still attracted to
you after having kids and gaining weight. You want to leave, but you also want to make it work. You’ve put so much time and energy into this relationship and you don’t want to let it go after all of these years. You’re miserable and you feel stuck. 

Your lack of love, intimacy, and affection in your relationship has caused your self-esteem to
drop. Because you question whether you look good or even if you’re good enough, you haven’t
been out with friends in forever. You find yourself emotionally eating to deal with the painful
thoughts that you are not wanted. Your unhappiness in your relationship has affected your
interactions with your kids, your family, your friends, and your employer. You struggle with
daily thoughts of how your significant other can treat you this way when you’ve done nothing but sacrifice – sacrifice yourself, your body, your time, your energy – for them and the family.

Change is coming…

You’re ready to take your power back!

You want to be confident in who you are. You want to look good and feel good without needing validation from your partner. You no longer want to feel powerless. You know you are worthy of love and affection. Whether you’re trying to make a major decision about your relationship, or if there’s been an affair and you want to learn how to trust again, or you want to strengthen intimacy and improve communication, we’re here for you.  

We help women in all relationships, heterosexual and homosexual, assess their challenges and identify what is necessary to make them feel loved and valued. We use a realistic approach to help you see your worth and understand that your needs and wants are just as important as your partner’s needs and wants. People grow together or they grow apart. We support you in exploring whether this is still the relationship for you or if you want to move on. We will discuss and implement some changes you want to make that’s going to help you feel good about yourself, your relationship, and your future.

Relationship Therapy can help you:

The relationship you want is possible, whether you stay with your current partner or find someone new. You don’t have to navigate those challenges alone.

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About Relationship Therapy 

Relationship therapy alone gives you an opportunity to talk to an objective,
nonjudgmental third party about your concerns and struggles in your relationship.
This is the time for you to decide if you want to work on improving the relationship
or if you want to make a different decision for yourself.

Of course! Couples therapy can help you and your partner improve
communication, deepen intimacy, and build or rebuild trust, among other things
that will help sustain your relationship.

The duration of relationship or couples therapy depends on the individual or the
couple. We will discuss relationship goals and take the necessary steps to help the
individual or couple achieve those goals. We will assess progress throughout the
therapeutic process to help the individual or couple decide when they are ready to
terminate treatment.

Online Counseling for women in VA, NC, and FL to help them navigate challenges with stress, relationships, or identifying as LGBTQIA who no longer want to feel overwhelmed and unappreciated and want to learn how to make themselves a priority through courage, self-love, and acceptance.