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  • Helping you navigate challenges with living in your truth

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    “Why can’t they just love me for me? This is who I am.”

    • Have you come out to your family or friends and they’re treating you differently?
    • Are you afraid to come out because you think or know you’ll be cut off?
    • Are you currently in a same sex relationship and have to hide it from others?
    • Are you in your first same sex relationship and have mixed emotions about it?
    • Is it hard to live in your truth for fear of what others will think or say?
    • You aren’t sure if you identify as LGBTQIA and you need someone objective to talk to about it?
    • You’re thinking, why do you have to identify at all?

    The stress of being true to yourself has become such a heavy burden to bear. You are making decisions to please others, while you are unhappy. You can’t take pride in who you are or your relationship for fear of how you will be perceived by others. You have experienced bullying, rejection, verbal abuse, discrimination, prejudice, oppression, ignorance, and bias based on your gender identity or sexual orientation. You deserve to be loved.

    You’re more than your gender identity or sexual preferences

    You want to be seen as a person with feelings who has a life outside of how you identify. You’re a mother, friend, career woman, daughter, student, and so much more! Whether you want to be proud of yourself or your relationship, come out and live in your truth without fear, or explore what’s best for you, I am here to help you navigate the challenges that come along with it. You will learn how to manage emotional distress and eliminate negative thought patterns that keep you stuck feeling uncertain about your choices.

    I create a safe, nonjudgmental space for you to explore and discuss any concerns or questions you may have. No topic is off limits. As an inclusive therapist, I am here to validate and affirm you for exactly who you are. I will help you find the strength and courage to live in your truth and respond to bias in a healthy way. I want to support you in living a life of joy and peace, without having to explain yourself or your decisions to anyone. You will gain a greater sense of self-love and self-acceptance to confidently, assertively, and boldly live a life you desire.

    LGBTQIA+ therapy can help you:

    • Set healthier boundaries with people in your life
    • Increase confidence and your sense of self
    • Come out to family, friends, or colleagues
    • Cope with anxiety, depression, bullying, discrimination, etc.
    • Work on relationship issues when one or both partners are “closeted”
    • Explore your sexual orientation, gender expression, or identity

    Freedom to be exactly who you are is possible. With my help, you can go from fragile to fierce!

    Frequently Asked Questions about LGBTQIA Therapy

    How will therapy help ME?

    It will help empower you in all areas of your life while honoring the struggles you face being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. It will help you find efficient, healthy ways to deal with daily challenges.

    Do you offer relationship counseling to poly couples, gay couples, straight couples, all couples?

    Absolutely! No matter what type of relationship you are in, relationship counseling can help strengthen your relationship, manage stress and pressure related to societal norms and expectations, and help you accept each other for exactly who you are.

    Do you work with people in open relationships?

    Yes! I work with people in all types of relationships.

    What are your rates?


    $150.00 (30 minute individual session)

    $250.00 (50 minute individual session)

    $350.00 (60 minute couples session)

    $375.00 (60 minute family session)

    Color Purple Counseling is a private pay practice and does not accept insurance. Please see Rates & Insurance page for additional information.