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Clinical Supervision For Residents In Counseling And Residents In Marriage And Family Therapy In Virginia And Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associates In North Carolina

Helping pre-licensed therapists become more knowledgeable and confident in their ability to provide therapeutic services to individuals, couples, and families

“How can I be a therapist when I don’t know what I’m doing?”

The stress of finding a Clinical Supervisor at a reasonable rate to complete your Residency hours is a lot! You’re already worried about where you will do your residency, how many hours you have to get, and how long this process is going to take. You fear having to choose a Clinical Supervisor who is mediocre because they charge less. You worry you won’t get the experience and teaching you need and your clients won’t get the therapy or counseling they deserve.

Quality Clinical Supervision is available

You want to learn how to be knowledgeable, confident, and sure of yourself as a Licensed Therapist. You don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for clinical supervision. You want a Clinical Supervisor who is patient and remembers what it was like during this time in their life when all they needed was someone to help them. You want a Clinical Supervisor who understands that your money is already limited and you’re committed to doing what is necessary to be able to provide quality care to your clients. 

In Clinical Supervision with us, we focus on career goals, case consultations/reviews, clinical documentation, transference, countertransference, crisis planning, cultural competence, DSM V diagnostic criteria, dual relationships, ethical decision making, interviewing techniques, professional boundaries, treatment planning, therapeutic techniques and approaches, evidence based practices, and so much more! 

We create a safe,  nonjudgmental space for you to process cases and explore therapeutic approaches to best help your clients. We provide guidance and expertise that will help you advance your clinical knowledge and satisfy requirements leading to  licensure. We are available for crises, asking questions, processing before or after sessions, and anything else you might need to review or discuss related to your professional and personal growth. We assist you in providing the highest level of care to your clients.

Clinical supervision with us can help you:

We offer quality Clinical Supervision for a reasonable rate that supports you in achieving licensure.

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About Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is $85 per supervision session and you have access to your Clinical Supervisor via phone, email, text or video calls outside of supervision sessions.

We provide supervision to Residents In Counseling, Residents in Marriage and Family Therapy, and Certified Substance Abuse Counselor Associates in Virginia and Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Associates in North Carolina.

We have over 10 years of experience providing supervision to pre-licensed
therapists seeking licensure and have experience providing therapy to individuals, groups, and families for over 15 years.

Yes! We provide virtual supervision anywhere in the states of Virginia and North Carolina using a secure, HIPAA compliant video platform from a private room to protect your confidentiality and the confidentiality of the clients you review.

Online Counseling for women in VA, NC, and FL to help them navigate challenges with stress, relationships, or identifying as LGBTQIA who no longer want to feel overwhelmed and unappreciated and want to learn how to make themselves a priority through courage, self-love, and acceptance.