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    Let go of what is keeping you stuck while learning self-love and acceptance

    You're Finally Ready to Make Yourself a Priority!

    Are you “the strong one” in your family or circle of friends? Are you a high achieving professional or entrepreneur, and you’re stressed out? Did something big happen in your life and you’re not sure how to deal with it? Are you unhappy in your relationship or recently got out of a toxic relationship? Are you afraid to live in your truth, because others might not accept you?

    The kids, work, your relationship, just life has caused you to put yourself on the back burner while taking care of everyone else. You’ve been walking around with the world on your shoulders and making it look like a pair of wings. You’re exhausted and the guilt of putting yourself first makes you question if you’re a good mother, girlfriend, wife, sister, daughter, or friend.

    Women’s issues can take a serious toll on a woman’s emotional, physical, and mental health. You may have experienced certain psychological and emotional challenges that have a significant impact on your mental health. If not addressed properly, these challenges can turn into burdens that often lead to stress, anxiety, depression, a lost sense of self, and so much more.

    “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection.”

    What about you? What makes you happy? What do you want? You don’t want to look back on your life one day and wish you had done more or done better for yourself, that you should have sought your own happiness when you had the chance. You are a priority. There is no explanation needed. Putting yourself first is not an option, it’s a necessity. It makes you better in all areas of your life.

    Seeking therapy can be scary and challenging, but it can also be empowering. As women, we have to stop pretending to be okay when we are not. Trying to do it all on our own does not serve us.

    Get the support you need in a safe, nonjudgmental, welcoming space for women who will receive encouragement and compassion as you learn how to let go of what’s keeping you stuck or stressed and learn self-love and acceptance so you can live the life you desire.

    If you’re interested in becoming a better, happier, more confident you,
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    Hey, I'm Shakoya and I got you!

    I can help you bring yourself from the back burner to the front of the stove where the food is cooking, not just simmering! I’m ready to support you, empower you, and help you make the necessary changes to live your best life. As a nontraditional, reality therapist, women come to me to teach them how to assertively and confidently love themselves and make themselves a priority without guilt or self-doubt.

    A few of my specialties are…


    We all experience stress, but it shouldn’t make us feel overwhelmed, burned out, and unappreciated on a daily basis. Together we can build self-confidence, self-love, and make you a priority without feeling guilty about the decisions you make to take care of you.


    Life is happening, whether you're ready or not. Change is inevitable, but you get to decide what happens next. Change can leave us feeling overwhelmed and stuck trying to live in the past. I can help you accept the change (whatever that might be), adjust accordingly, and learn to embrace your new normal.      


    You are no longer in the honeymoon phase of your relationship and you’re in limbo trying to decide what’s next. With me, you can get that spark back and find joy in what you have or you can find the courage to let go of whatever or whoever has been keeping you stuck.

    Why Color Purple?

    Have you seen The Color Purple? That movie resonates with so many women on so many levels. The Color Purple portrays women in all walks of life during difficult times, how they lived through it, and how they came out of it. There was abuse, death, divorce, trauma, relationships, parenting challenges, domestic violence, self-doubt, self-exploration, low self-esteem, and so much more! The characters, Celie, Nettie, Shug, and Sophia endured so much tragedy and so much pain, but in the end, they each prevailed. They learned to make themselves a priority and focused on self-love and self-acceptance instead of seeking validation from others and putting everyone else before themselves. They gained the courage to remove themselves from the back burner to the front of the stove.

    This movie means a lot to us as women, because we each have our own story. This movie resonates with each of us differently, because we can relate to these women in some form or fashion. To see their strength and resilience is a powerful thing! Women carry the weight of the world on their shoulders and still have to manage this thing called life. Color Purple Counseling was inspired by The Color Purple to be able to help women navigate challenges in life without feeling alone and come out on the other side empowered, confident, bold, and ready to take on whatever might be next. If Celie, Nettie, Shug, and Sophia can overcome…so can you!

    Make unconditional self-love a priority. You are your priority. You’ve been everyone’s anchor for so long that you didn’t realize you were drowning. Let’s help you create balance and build confidence so you can be your authentic self.

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